About the dome

We have imagined, and partly self-built LUCY's prototype : a dome (18 m2), highly sustainable, ecological and economical.

It is an innovative construction : the basis is a solid structure of geodesic dome in chestnut wood perches, on which panels of reeds are fixed, which then receive 15 cm of sprayed hemp and lime insulation ; and at last the lime finish coat is applied. The whole is fixed on a slab of lime cement with Misapor : insulating, breathable and humidity regulating. The inside is covered with a clay plaster on the walls, and tiles or parquet on the ground. It results in a very solid, well insulated, breathable, ecological and very esthetic building. The repartition of forces is also exceptional, thanks to the hemispheric structure of the dome, making it a building known to have a good resistance even to earthquakes.

Its round shape, the beauty and breathability of the natural materials immediately bring a peaceful atmosphere, favourable to quietness and reunion. We noted that the prototype appeals right away, and thus in itself enquires into on our way to inhabit the Earth.

The steps of the construction of the dome

This shape opens up new perspectives of construction. The materials used are entirely natural and sane; the construction is quickly built and has an overall cost much lower than the standard ecological construction (bioclimatic house).

Lime naturally hardens with air and time : it is the carbonation process. Thus the walls become more and more resistant over time.

Contrary to received ideas, the dome is naturally a roomy space. Its outward appearance is very homogeneous and fits easily in the natural environment.